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The using of the password

The using of the password

A survey show bad passwords at home affect the workplace too

LastPass conduit a survey in order to understand the use of the password at home and as this use can affect also the security in the workplace.

From the survey we can see that:

  • 91% of the respondents know that using the same password or a variation of the same password is a risk, however the 66% do it anyway.
  • 60% of the people resuse the same password as is afraid of forgetting the login information and 52% as want to be in control of the password
  • 54% keep track of passwords by memorizing them but 25% reset the passwords because they forgot them
  • Also after reading about a breach in the news the 52% haven't changed their password

We have change the mentality about the password using, we have to use only strong passwords and different for each login, we have to use multifactor authentication and use a password manager to help us.

The full report is Report LastPass


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